So I am getting a Lasiodora Parahybana or otherwise known as Honduran Curly Hair. She is a Terrestrial (Ground lovin) T.They originally come from Costa Rica. Think Rainforest. They like a higher humidity. Overflow the water dish. This little lady is going to be the third in a new hobby of mine. I thought I put together a do’s and don’ts and as I learn so will you.This is a (Young T) and just recently molted. Ĺ( molt·ed, molt·ing, molts. To shed periodically part or all of a coat or an outer covering, such as feathers, cuticle, or skin, which is then replaced by a new growth)  00M0M_lNlo0iZKMGY_600x450

She apparently 4 or 5 years old. She can live 15 to 20 years. The most unusual thing about her is she’s got curly hair.  Like she put a leg in a light socket. Lol Hence the name. The L.P.nature is to be a peaceful creature. Have a hardy appetite and is also been known to burrow. So a substrate of 3″ would be good. This one has a hide where it calls home.Now I haven’t meet her yet so don’t know her personality. They can bit Bipolar.All skittish one moment the next a pet rock .But then can’t we all. As I learn more I will pass it along. Course it be great if you left comments and questions and I’ll add them to a post.

The other Tarantulas I will talk about are

The Grammostola Pulchra aka Brizillian Black

The Avicularia Metallica aka Mexican Pink toe

The Lasiodora Parahybana The salmon Pink birdeater

All beginner Tarantula’s in my opinion and I will publish all unusual finding. In the future I plan to get more.




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